The Digital Surgeries Programme supports young people and politicians to have meaningful conversations about issues that matter. 


Directly addresses Ofsted requirements on British Values, SMSC & Prevent

Contributes to student voice and allows students to have an impact on the wider community 


Develops oracy, critical thinking and other soft skills that contribute to employability

Builds strong relationships between schools and politicians

“Before all of us never really thought that our questions would have been answered or our opinions would have been heard’”
— Cymeika McCarthy-Brooks, Yr 9
The sessions gave students clear and non-partisan information about how politics forms part of their everyday lives and a good understanding of the different responsibilities of different layers of government. This was not something that they had had the opportunity to discuss and understand before.”
— Saima Alvi, Teacher
I really enjoyed it! I would definitely recommend it to other politicians.
— Kate Green MP


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